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Kamagra – The ultimate saviour of manhood


Kamagra, a generic version of Viagra, is manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals,

India. It is fortified with the well-known Sildenafil citrate which is a main
component of the blue pill – Viagra.

Kamagra Schweiz is available in various forms – a tablet, a jelly, and an effervescent
tablet. It is one of the popular generic versions of Viagra because it works exactly the
same as its parental counterpart. We will see how Kamagra works as you read through this Kamagra Schweiz Zürich.

Majorly prescribed for erectile dysfunction or ED issues in men, Kamagra Kaufen PayPal bezahlen is often prescribed for the treatment of pulmonary dysfunction for which its
chemical content – Sildenafil citrate – was invented. With the positive and promising results in the matter of ED treatment, Kamagra Kaufen Schweiz has become quite a talk of the town and its popularity is not going down in near future.
Speaking of erection issues, we must look a little deeper into it before we move forward
with Kamagra online bestellen Schweiz and everything about it.
Let’s know more about erectile dysfunction in men and how Kamagra saves men from the
embarrassment of the issue.

What is erectile dysfunction? What causes it?

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to attain or sustain an erection during an intimate act.
Erectile dysfunction or ED affects men in their late 40s. This condition has no cure.

There are several reasons why a man suffers from ED. The arteries carrying blood to the male
sexual organ gets affected and narrowed which reduces the flow of blood to the organ and
erection process gets hampered. Some of the health issues that affect arteries are:
• High blood pressure
• Cardiac diseases
• Diabetes
Apart from physical health issues, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety also cause ED.
In some cases, erection issues happen due to relationship issues, stress, lifestyle choices.
Certain medicines especially antidepressants cause ED.

How does Kamagra Schweiz Zürich help you get rid of ED?

First things first, Kamagra does not cure ED. It only treats the condition. The medicine contains
Sildenafil citrate which is a PDE5 blocker class of medicine. It helps by preventing effects
of PDE5 on the arteries. It also releases nitric oxide which is helpful in keeping arteries
flexible to carry the required amount of blood to the male sexual organ.

How is Kamagra consumed?

One tablet of Kamagra Schweiz apotheke 100mg is enough to keep a man active inside the bedroom.
Elderly men may need to take a lower dosage. Swallow the pill as a whole about an hour before
getting intimate with your partner. Take Kamagra Kaufen Schweiz pill with water. The medicine
works under the influence of sexual stimulation.

Can I take Kamagra Schweiz with alcohol?

The medication causes dizziness as one of its side effects. When you combine the medicine with alcohol the intensity of dizziness increases. Also, it affects your blood pressure causing negative effects. 

How long does Kamagra Schweiz Zürich take to work?

The medicine takes about 30 minutes to start working. However, it needs sexual stimulation to work. How long does Kamagra Schweiz Zürich stay in your system? The medication stays in your system for about 5 to 6 hours. This means you can have multiple erections within this time span. 


What are the side effects?

Before going for Kamagra Kaufen Schweiz, it is important to consuklt with a doctor and know about the side effects produced by the medication. This is a FDA approved medicine and thus it is safe for humans to consume. However, the medication, given its chemical content, has a tendency to cause a few side effects. The commonly occurring side effects with Kamagra
Schweiz include:

• Headache
• Nausea
• Facial flushing
• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Stuffy nose

In some rare cases, Kamagra Schweiz Zürich causes severe side effects. These are serious in nature and often demands for medical attention. One must stop using the drug and get immediate medical help. These severe side effects are as follows:

• Allergic reactions
• Severe dizziness
• Faster heartbeat
• Painful erection
• Prolonged erection


What are the precautions to be followed while taking Kamagra Schweiz?

• Do not take this anti-ED drug if you are allergic to its active chemical.
• Elderly and young men with health issues such as kidney and liver disorders,
   heart diseases, high blood pressure must speak with their doctor before           taking the medicine.

• Women, children, and teenagers are prohibited from using Kamagra chweiz     Zürich medicine.

• Kamagra Schweiz Zürich overdosing is strictly prohibited. This practice            causes severe side effects and sometimes life-threatening situations. 

Which medicines interfere with Kamagra?

If you are taking nitrate based medicines, you must tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking anti-ED drug. Kamagra Schweiz Zürich interacts with antifungal drugs, anti azole medicines causing their effectiveness to reduce. In some cases, certain medicines interfere with the working or elimination of Kamagra Kaufen Schweiz which leads to increased risk of
side effects. In either of the cases, drug interaction and its ill effects can be prevented provided you have informed your doctor about the medicines you are currently on before taking the anti-ED drug.