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What is Salbutamol?


Sold under various brand names such as Ventolin, Salbutamol is a short-acting β2 adrenergic receptor agonist. It relaxes and opens up the medium and large airways in the lungs and thus it is quite useful in the treatment of asthma. Salbutamol Spray format is available. It is also available in the form of an inhaler along with other forms which include pills, liquid and intravenous solution.


What is it used for?


Ventolin Salbutamol Inhaler is useful in the treatment of asthma attacks, exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) etc. In some cases, Ventolin Salbutamol Inhaler is also used to treat high levels of potassium in the blood.


How does it work?


Salbutamol Spray is widely used due to its faster mechanism of action. The medicine being in a gaseous form takes no time to start working. It helps relaxing the muscles of the airways in the lungs. This makes the breathing a lot easier.


How to use it?


You need to hold the Ventolin Salbutamol Inhaler with the mouthpiece down and place your lips around it to form a tight seal. Then start to breathe in through your mouth slowly as you press down the inhaler once at a time. Keep breathing slowly yet as deeply as you can.


How long does it take to work?


Salbutamol Spray takes only 15 minutes to start working. It is the fastest working asthma inhaler available.


How long does it stay in your system?


The effects of Ventolin Salbutamol Inhaler stay for about 2 to 6 hours.


What are the side effects?

You must discuss everything you need to know about this asthma medicine with your doctor. It is a well-tolerated drug with a tendency to cause a fewer side effects which are generally harmless in nature. However, in some cases, this medicine may cause severe side effects. If you experience severe side effects with Salbutamol Spray, you must stop using the medicine and consult with a doctor at the earliest.

Mild side effects are:


• Nervousness

• Shaking

• Mouth dryness

• Dry throat

• Change in taste

• Dizziness

• Cough

• Nausea


Severe side effects are:


• Increased blood pressure

• Allergic reactions

• Irregular heartbeat

• Chest pain

• Confusion


What are the precautionary measures?


• Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have experienced allergic reactions to Salbutamol or similar medicines in the past.

• Discuss your medical history and current medical status with your doctor before taking the medicine. Tell your doctor if you have heart diseases, seizure, high blood pressure etc.

• Salbutamol may make you dizzy and thus you are prohibited from driving vehicle right using the medicine.

• During pregnancy, Salbutamol is only used when its needed with no alternative seems to be working.

• It is not known whether Salbutamol gets into the breast milk. To be on the safer side, breastfeeding women must discuss the risks and benefits involved to keep the baby safe.




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