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What is Xenical?

Xenical is a weight loss medicine which contains Orlistat. The trade name Xenical by Roche is quite popular in most countries. The medication prevents absorption of fat from food and thus helps in losing weight. However, to get better and faster results with this medicine, one should take low calorie diet and also engage in regular exercise.

What is it used for?

Xenical Kaufen Suisse is used for weight loss. It can also be used to maintain an ideal weight.

How does it work?

Xenical 120 mg dosage contains Orlistat. This medication prevents the absorption of dietary fat by the intestines. The medicine blocks the effects of lipase. It is an enzyme found in the digestive track which helps breaking down large fat molecules into smaller ones so that they can be absorbed seamlessly.

What is the dosage?

The standard dosage is Xenical 120 mg. it needs to be taken before, during or an hour after the meal. Xenical 120 mg is available in capsule form which needs to be swallowed as a whole. Do not open the capsule. Swallow it as it is with water. Never take the medicine with alcohol or fruit juice.

How long does Xenical take to start working?

Xenical Kaufen Suisse takes about 2 weeks to show results. You shall start to see some weight loss. However, if you do not see any changes on the weighing scale after taking Xenical 120 mg or if your condition worsens, you must consult a doctor.

How long does it stay in your system?

The time period changes from person to person. The medicine is excreted via feces and urine. It takes about 3 days for the medicines to leave your system completely.

What are the side effects of Xenical?

Xenical Kaufen Suisse causes mild and severe side effects. Some may not even experience side effects with this medicine. And some users get severe side effects with it. In case of severe side effects, user should stop taking Xenical pills and seek immediate medical help.

Mild side effects are:

• Changes in bowel function
• Fatty or oily stool
• Intestinal gas
• Oily spotting
• Poor bowel control

Severe side effects are:

• Allergic reactions
• Symptoms of liver issues such as vomiting, dark urine etc
• Symptoms of kidney stones such as painful urination, back pain etc
What are the precautions?
• Xenical Kaufen Suisse may cause allergic reactions. If you have experience such reactions in the past, you must seek alternative medication.
• Discuss your health issues with your health care professional before taking the medicine. If you have specific digestive issues, gallbladder issues, eating disorders, hypothyroidism, kidney stones; you must speak with your doctor prior getting Xenical Kaufen Suisse.
• If you have diabetes, you must evaluate your blood sugar levels while being on Xenical.
• This medicine is not recommended to use during pregnancy.
• It is unclear whether or Xenical passes into the breast milk. Consult with a doctor and discuss the risks and advantages.

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